Saturday, October 29, 2016

Earlier this week, I was given a chance to interview a creative director. That was exciting because I never done something like this before! We did the interview online, communicated through emails and dms, that was quite fun! :)

So, without further do... Here's my long distance interview with Dwight Dyer, creative director slash owner of Black Caviar Music
Vera : Hi. Would you like to introduce yourself to my readers? 
Dwight : Hi. My name is Dwight and I am the owner of Black Caviar Music in Atlanta, Georgia USA. 

Dwight Dyer
Vera : What is the difference between Black Caviar Music and other music publishers?
Dwight : The main difference is my percentage splits are far more generous than others and I operate like a family business – hands on, personable.

Vera : What other producers, songwriters and/or artists do you see as your primary inspirations?
Dwight : I'm inspired by the CHIC organization – Nile Rogers, Don Cornelius from Soul Train, Barry Gordy – Motown and Damon Dash. 

Vera : How did you get your start in the music business?
Dwight : I got started by first being a writer and copy editor for a major newspaper in Los Angeles. Then I reviewed music and published articles. From there I wanted to have a better understanding of music catalogs and agreements.

Vera : What motivated you? 
Dwight : It motivates me to seek out new music of all genres and to find that hit song – To place in the top ten is the goal. 

Vera : When finding new music to add to your company, what specific qualities in the music are you looking for?
Dwight : No specifics to any new music other than original writers and producers.

Vera : How would you personally define your role in the creative process? 
Dwight : I am hands on. Listening to vocals, power and weakness, fear and strengths . As a publisher I am on the finishing end so I rarely spend time in studios but communicating with managers and agents. 
Vera : What’s the general process of finding new talent? 
Dwight : The process is to be yourself and to be passionate. Be in your own lane. Submit both unedited and edited versions. 

Vera : Who are musicians have you published?
Dwight : I have a vast but relatively small catalog. Achmed Riduan (Indonesia), Oda Paccy (Rwanda), Temple Adams (USA), Eliboii (Canada) and others. 

Vera : For aspiring musicians to get their music placed on industry, what advice would you give them in regards to the songwriting and producing process? 
Dwight : Manage your time and invest in a good studio session. 3:00 – 3:50 seconds is an average radio edit time for a song. No advice at all when it comes to songwriting. Look at Bob Dylan, Todd Rundgren, Babyface and Ric Ocasek, really unique writing styles but no known secret. It’s a feeling. 

Vera : How do you recommend relatively unknown artists go about trying to get their music in the hands of music publishers? 
Dwight : Music Publishers are looking for a variety of song styles, slow, fast, melodic, dark, etc. Show some range. 

Vera : What are some of the most important lessons you’ve learned about the music industry since starting out?
Dwight : Do your homework and be competitive. Know your stillset. Keep your ears open. Do not fall in love with the song, but the business.

Cahuenga artwork 
Vera : Is there any new project I should know? If so, can you tell me a bit about this new project? 
Dwight : Yes, lookout for my current projects, Black Caviar Music – Cahuenga Mixtape , TrayVo 229, Vinny RamoneWork” single, and watch for 2017 projects MitZfit, Gilk, D’Aego, Jeff Chery, and Ramone Jones.

Vera : That's cool! Is there anything I haven’t touched on that you might want to share?
Dwight : Yes for artists coming into the business, stay the course. Be true to yourself. As a publisher, I have to be objective – exploiting of your works for sync, commercial, film and other projects. To maximize revenue for you as an independent artist. Do not take it personal if your song is rejected. Keep pushing. 

Vera  : How can we contact you? Any official website? 
Dwight : Call me directly (404) 857-4611. Internationally via Skype (ddagencylv) on instagram: @blackcaviarmusic, and twitter @bcmpub. Email 

Vera : Thank you so much for doing this interview with me! 
Dwight : Not a problem. Great! 

Don't forget to check out Cahuenga Mixtape by Black Caviar Music. It is available on iTunes and Google Play.

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