Wednesday, November 09, 2016


I was given another chance to interview another music producer slash DJ. Having zero basic lesson being an interviewer, I was so glad to be able to interview people with different passion with me. Not stopping there, we're from different countries. My first ever interview was with Dwight Dyer, creative director/producer based on Atlanta, Georgia USA. Today I want to share my interview with Palash Jha, a DJ - producer based in Bhopal, India

Vera : Hello! I'm Vera. Firstly I wanna say thank you for doing this interview with me! 
Palash : Hello, Vera! I'm so excited because this is my first international interview.

Vera : Great! Are you ready? 
Palash : Hell yeah!

Vera : Would you like to introduce yourself? 
Palash : Yeah. I'm Palash Jha as know as Epic Sensation. I'm from Bhopal, M.P, India. I'm a DJ slash producer... I'm 19 years old.

Vera : You're so young! How did you start producing and what gave you the motivation to stay with it? 
Palash : Actually this started when I was a baby, music was in me from my childhood. Actually my mom used to tell me that I used to tap and make sounds or beats by tapping utensils. Then I started learning instruments. I play keyboard, congo, and bongo. But the main interest in music turned up in me through guitar. After that heard this song, Animals by Martin Garrix, that inspired me cuz he was 18 at that time and it was amazing. So I started producing stuff and now here I am, I'm 19 got my two tracks released globally with the association of Black Caviar Music. Its all about the love and interest toward's music.

Vera : How long did it take you roughly to start excelling with your career?
Palash : I guess 9-10 months now. I've started producing and learning things myself without any guidance and teaching. Then my parents saw my interest towards music and I got a training from Frisky studio, in Bhopal. Dj-ing and music production. My training for DJ-ing is done and music production is on a move, I'm learning things about mastering.

Vera : Sounds interesting! What are currently your main challenges as a music producer? What is it about DJ-ing, compared to, say, producing your own music that makes it interesting for you? 
Palash : Ummm.... Main thing I find tricky is making myself satisfied and amazed with the new sounds and new melodies that I produce. 'Cuz being a music producer, I always try to do something unique and make things new and making myself satisfied. What I Think is, if I'll be satisfied with my music, I can (even) take that to the next level but if I'm not satisfied with the music I produced, I think it will never work. Now, DJ-ing is a source through which I can promote or present my music to people. There are lot of people around the globe as DJs but there are less amount of DJ/Producers. 

Vera : You know, I really like how passionate you are! Are there any other producers, songwriters and/or artists do you see as your primary inspirations?
Palash : I have a lot of inspirations. I really don't want to be that person who just say, I'm being "me" just by my efforts and stuff like that. I got inspired by a lot of artists and I got inspired by a lot of DJ/producers. Firstly, of course my parents 'cuz of them only I'm here. Now talking about the role model, Shah Rukh Khan, he's the 2nd richest actor of the world. I'm very inspired by him cuz of his hardwork. Second is MGK, he's a rapper. His life inspired me. Now the inspirations (musically), as I mentioned earlier, Martin Garrix is the person who gave me a push in me from inside to start producing. Then Hardwell, Nervo , Blasterjaxx, Kashmr, Nucleya (Best Indian DJ/Producer), DJ Shaan (first Indian DJ to perform in Tomorrowland Festival) and many more. I don't feel shy by taking names. I'm an artist and I need to have some inspiration. 

Vera : Have you ever made music for someone else? Like produced someone's music or helped them to get published?
Palash : No. I haven't collaborated yet with anyone before. Like , Its me - KEN feat. Epic Sensation, my first ever release with BCM! I can call it as my first ever collaboration. It's my first international hit. It's amazing! 

Vera : Do you perform in public? Like DJ-ing somewhere. Would you tell me about that?
Palash : I've performed one in a club here in Bhopal. But after that no such thing came, I got busy with the releases and stuff. But yeah, I'll love to perform and entertain people and most probably I would love to perform at the place your belong. EDM is an internation music now, I think there people love it. 

Vera : That'd be cool! How do you handle mistakes during a performance? (if there's any)
Palash : Actually when I performed for the first time in the club, I made mistakes. I mean... Mistakes are good, it teaches you things, (because) I feel there is nothing like perfect if you're making continuous changes in things you do. So, I did some mistakes but I was in my vibe. I mean being a DJ, if you make mistakes don't just stunned and nervous and horrified with it. A bad mix or sounds stop or what worse can happen. I say... just be on your vibe and just enjoy, 'cuz I'm not a capitalist. I'm an artist, I love music and I do it.

Vera : What goals did you have set before you started your career?
Palash : Actually there was no such goals. Tomorrowland is like a moon for every DJ/Producer in this world. Ummmm... Actually I don't expect things. The reason behind that is if I'll not be able to be on it and things doesn't turned up as per my expectation, I'll feel bad about myself. I don't wanna do that. My love and interest really means a lot in this career, so I just enjoy doing music.

Vera : How do you balance your music with other obligations – maybe school, other job, or anything? 
Palash : I'm in college and I'm just doing it just for graduation purpose. Actually I call myself very lucky cuz my parent's are very supportive for me in this field. I'm the only musician in my family & I'm making career as DJ and producer. Yeah, sometimes its very annoying. For example, my exams are coming and I'm here doing interview with you listening music and don't give a damn to this college exam thing! (laugh). Sounds negative but I can't help it. I love doing this but it doesn't mean I don't study. I do study but the last day.

Vera : What's your major and where do you go? 
Palash : I'm taking Economics (B.Com) at Bhopal School of Social Science 

Vera : That's really nice! What steps do you take to advertise and get your business out to the people? 
Palash : Social media, absolutely. By the way, recently I was interviewed by a local newspaper and it helps a lot to do my promotion. Some girls approached to me and said they like my music! That's really cool, right? 
(He showed me the article by it was written in Hindi and unfortunately I can't read Hindi nor speak in it)

Vera : Wish I can read the article! Beside your publication with Black Caviar Music, is there any new project I should know? 
Palash : I'm working in a lot of stuffs right now. I'm working on electro house, festival music (hardstyle & trap). I'm working in a very unique music, I've chopped a dialog of a movie and used it in my track and used all the Indian instruments in it! It's gonna be amazing! A ton of Epic Sensation's music is coming. 

Vera : I'm excited!
Palash : I know right! 

Vera : Do you have official website or social media that I can share?
Palash : Not the website yet but yes I have social media. I'm on Facebook, twitter, instagram, soundcloud and of course snapchat (epicsensation00). 

Vera : I might add you on snapchat right now, I'm obsessed with it!
Palash : I know, it's amazing! Those funny filters are great! 

Vera : Right! So, once again thank you so much for doing this interview with me. It's really nice talking with you. I had a great time!
Palash : It's fun! I had a great time too! Thanks for interviewing me. Now that I have one nice friend from Indonesia. 

Vera : I couldn't agree more. Thanks, Palash!
Palash : Thanks to you too, Vera! 

I truly have a great time interviewing this guy. He's so easy to talk, very friendly and funny as well! Check out his social medias to find out more!